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True Horsemanship

Through Donna's teaching and training, she constantly focuses on developing a firm foundation which is essential to the success of both the the horse and the student.

What is True Horsemanship?

This style of horsemanship is based on the philosophy of working with the horse's natural instincts through the phases of communication in order to understand how horses learn and think and to always consider the horse's point of view.

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Who is True Horsemanship for?

Whether you are a professional trainer/rider looking for a new perspective or a rider with a dream; having a solid foundation will set you up for any activity or discipline you wish to pursue with your horse.

How does True Horsemanship benefit me?
As we learn to communicate and understand our horses we can better prepare them to adjust to live in our world. By developing our partnership, communication and understanding, horses will learn that part of their responsibility as our partner is to yield to pressure and remain calm and relaxed as they follow our leadership.

"When you learn the language of the horse, you get to the horse's mind.

When you work with the horse's mind, you win their hearts."

Donna Blem, Evolution Horsemanship Founder

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True Horsemanship and You

True Horsemanship is a systematic and progressive way to study the 4 savvys: Online, Liberty, Freestyle, and Finesse. As you learn phases of communication and the difference between being passive, assertive, or aggressive, you will gain new perspectives, feel, timing, and become skillful with your tools. You are developing the ultimate relationship with your horse; a deep understanding of each other. Along with a higher level of communication which will prepare you and your horse in ways to reach way beyond your dreams.

This is a journey far beyond horsemanship.

This is an incredible journey of self-discovery. Through your learning and development of Ture Horsemanship, you will learn to be patient, to use phases communication, to think, to wait, to observe, and learn other's perspectives. All these things will be carried with you into your personal daily life.

Are you ready to transform yourself and your horse?

Reach out now to discuss your horsemanship needs! 


"Donna has helped both my horse and myself tremendously. She is awesome at seeing and addressing holes in both of our postures, attitudes, and confidence. She provides immediate support to help fix the problem. She has enabled both of us to enjoy and be proud of our successes!" 

Debbie, True Horsemanship student

"Donna Blem has the innate ability to understand the human-horse relationship. When I first met Donna, I had no idea of the depth of her horse knowledge. She helped me to discover a deeper level of appreciation for the horse through natural horsemanship. I learned the heart connection with her horse, Charlie. My goal to become one with my horse, Izzi, is now in sight!

Donna jump-started my journey of personal growth by lending me horse books and introducing me to various people, including trainers. Donna is Ms. Hospitality, making everyone feel comfortable over campfires and food, she gathers folks from her various ventures making for eclectic conversations. These people came from all walks of life inspiring me in so many ways.

Her Lifemanship programs to empower women and youth are amazing. I saw first-hand how she was able to connect with a young, troubled youth via the horse. She brings unwed moms to her home for a Mother’s Day retreat inspiring women through her knowledge of self-development and horses.

Donna looks at your heart and understands who you are while connecting via horses."

Candy, True Horsemanship student


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