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Lifemanship Programs

The ultimate personal development experience with immediate authentic feedback from the horse. When coming together in a natural setting with the aid of special horses and under the leadership of Donna, amazing things occur.

Programs and People We Serve

We offer a variety of Lifemanship Programs that expand from private sessions, to 3 hour workshops, to full day and multi-day retreats. All programs are specially tailored to fit the needs of the clients. The following list reflects our most popular programs, we talk carefully with each of our clients in advance to customize our programs listed below or to design new programs that fit individual needs. 

Programs for Caregivers

Being a caregiver for a loved one can be overwhelming and scary. Trying to relate to others can feel awkward and frustrating. It can also lead to burnout, fatigue, stress, anxiety, and depression. This program allows for you to take a little time for yourself, to rejuvenate and to fill your cup. This program is for those helping people with cancer, Alzheimer's, disabilities, the terminally ill, and others with significant health issues.

Programs for Empowering Women

Being a successful woman, active within your community, and caring for your family can all be stressful, overwhelming, and at times unfulfilling. Finding the time to take care of your own needs and desires can seem impossible. This program is designed to get you back to your inner you with our Women's Renewal Retreat and our Executive Women's Retreat.


Programs for Grief

Loss of a loved one is hard and changes your world in unimaginable ways. This program is designed to offer you support in your time of need and gives you opportunities and space to connect to yourself, the horses, and others.


How the Programs Work

Horses are valuable to our personal and professional development because they are extremely intuitive and offer us direct feedback on both our conscious and unconscious communication.

Horses are our mirrors and do not lie! They teach us leadership skills in a very direct way, giving us immediate feed back on our energy, body language, intentions and inner thoughts. Horses teach us how to be very clear in our requests which highlights the need for us to know ahead of time the outcome we are looking for.


During the Lifemanship Programs, the horses communicate clearly while we are working with them. They give specific signs of confidences, trust and understanding to how you are showing up. Donn a will help you see and interpret the feedback the horse is giving you. This allows you to reflect on yourself.

Participants are safely guided through insightful and interactive activities with our horses.

Previous experience with horses is NOT necessary and all interactions occur on the ground (no riding).

Are you ready to take part in a program? Check them out below!

Corporate Group Programs

Our Corporate Team Building Programs are tailored to solving problems, creating reward, celebration and bringing your team together. These lessons are immediately transferable to the office because they are a felt concept with experiential learning rather than just a verbal or written concept. Our Corporate Leadership Development Programs provide our team leaders with unique challenges and situations that will transform the way in which they lead their group.

Non-Profit Group Programs

Non-profit groups each have unique and powerful missions and the key to success is having all members working together and going in the right direction. Our Team Building Retreats for board, staff and volunteers provide your organization a memorable way to come together.


Programs for Health Care Providers

Healthcare providers are our heroes who are constantly putting the needs of others in front of themselves. Heal the Healers is designed specifically to give healthcare workers the support they need to focus on themselves. The Beside Manner Program is perfect for all healthcare providers interested intaking a look inside to create deeper ways to impact their patients. Both programs are designed to support first responders, doctors, nurses, veterinarians, and animal health technicians.


Programs for Cancer Patients and Survivors

Cancer is scary and overwhelming. This tailored program is for adults and youth battling any form of cancer with special emphasis on those with breast cancer.

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Programs for Youth

Developing our youth is so important. In today's society the pressures on our youth can be daunting. Massive amounts of technology, deadlines and social pressures are creating an imbalance of emotions and lack of self identity and value. during these times, these struggles might seem insurmountable. We offer specially designed programs to address core issues to develop strong, empowered and empathetic youth into adult leaders. ​ Identifying and Establishing Boundaries- Assertiveness Training for Youth Youth Team Building Developing Our Youth into Leaders

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