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Donna Blem


Founder, Evolution Horsemanship

Donna is an avid horseman with a passion for helping people overcome barriers and challenges and be their best self.  As the founder of Evolution Horsemanship, she is known for her unique teaching style that empowers her students and clients.  While living her life’s mission of helping horses and humans, Donna found her true path, passion and purpose of helping others be their best self through true horsemanship.  In 2018, she purchased a beautiful 55-acre Ranch in Florida as her home base for teaching her unique Lifemanship and True Horsemanship Programs.  As a Retreat Creator, Facilitator and Instructor, Donna helps people find their authentic joy and gratitude – the kind you feel deep down in your heart – by helping people get truly connected to themselves and others.  Which makes their unimaginable…possible.

Throughout her 30-year career, Donna has helped thousands of people feel seen and heard.  With her business education and as a co-founder and leader of a non-profit organization for 20 years, she created and oversaw facility construction, developed and led 3 capital campaigns, created programs, developed youth leadership opportunities and connected family with disabilities to support and resources.  She also provided hands on direct services and training as a Certified PATH instructor and Special Olympics Certified Coach for special equestrians and was a Parelli Professional.


As a horse teacher/trainer, she embodies the teaching model of True Horsemanship.  She is committed to teaching the foundation of true horsemanship to all students and horses in her program so that they can live in harmony with clear communication, understanding and a mutual desire to advance their partnership.  Donna helps students create beautiful moments of being in sync with fluidity when working with their horse.  Moments where all the techniques and tools seem to disappear and the oneness between rider and horse takes over; where the horse is responding to just the student’s intention.

Donna has deep gratitude for her life opportunities with horses and it gives her incredible joy to share her passion, knowledge and and gifts with others.  Donna has studied with top professionals from around the world.  In her early years, she started with her first pony at the age of 6 and joined 4H and pony club.  By the age of 16, she was starting and developing horses and began teaching students.  She went on to study with an Olympic Dressage Athlete and Coach where she got to ride and show Grand Prix Dressage Horses.  Later, she went on to study Natural Horsemanship and became a Parelli Professional.

Evolution Horsemanship offers personal growth and development through our Lifemanship Programs.  We offer a unique series of customized equine retreats each year for individuals and groups, such as:

Programs for Caregivers

Programs for Cancer Patients and Survivors 

Programs for Empowering Women

Programs for Youth 

Programs for Healthcare Providers

Programs for Grief

Corporate Team Building & Leadership Development Programs

Non-profit Group Programs 

Custom Programs


Are you ready to make incredible shifts in your life and live your best life? 


Reach out today!

“Horses are an amazing medium for us humans. They provoke massive personal awareness, introspection and growth. They Make us want to be better people, better in our relationships, better communicators and leaders. They are soothing, centering and healing- in every area of our life. I have seen this time and time again and it fuels my passion for keeping horses in my life and close to my heart.

Donna is taking this to a very empowering place. Her skills with horses, for teaching and enhancing healing is a beautiful part of her destiny and I am awed by her passion for her mission in life. Her generosity of spirit continues to help change the world."

Linda Parelli, Happy Horse Happy Life

“Donna helped me pivot my whole life for the better! I went to Florida to learn as much horsemanship as I could but felt I was not getting the right instruction for myself or my horse. I felt absolutely defeated and was not sure what to do next.  I contemplated going back North early until I met Donna.


She taught me how to get true harmony with my horse while simultaneously fixing my horse's muscular balance.  She also helped me gain the confidence to start my own business and is someone I work closely with today! Go work with Donna now!

Ashley Lorinsky, Horse Chit Chat! LLC & Lorinsky Web Designs

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