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Listening to the Munching

All my life horses have given me such peace. For me, it has always been way more then riding and showing. Today, as I enjoyed my morning chores, I found myself standing by the fence and watching my horses munch on their pasture bale. I was standing there mesmerized for quite a while and nothing else was running through my mind. It was just the joy of watching them and hearing them munch on their hay.

I often struggle with being totally in the moment. I find myself pondering conversations and activities or constantly multitasking and thinking of my ever-growing ‘To Do List’. But today, I embraced this moment and I realized that this peace of being with horses has always been with me. I remember as a little girl and always being at the fun barn down the road. This is where you would usually find me. I was super active at the barn - always doing chores, riding horses and playing with my friends. Yet, the introverted side of me would also appear. People would be calling for me and I would not answer as I was sitting in the corner of Magic’s stall just watching and listening to him eat his hay.

Magic was extra special to me. He was a 13 hand, gorgeous black stallion that I started. We had a special bond that I still cherish to this day. My dad made him a great wooden plaque for his stall. I can still see it. It had a white background with a fancy design and a brown wood overlay with elegant letters carved out spelling his name, Magic. I’m so proud of these memories and how even 30+ years later, they still fill me with joy.

I am going to actively embrace these moments and create more. Where do you find your special peaceful moments?


Donna Blem
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