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Evolution Horsemanship

Find true connection with yourself, your horse, and others.

In this majestic place, where the unimaginable becomes possible!

Equine Services

True Horsemanship


Serving top professionals and those new to horses, True Horsemanship is a philosophy of working with horses based on the horse’s natural instincts and methods of communication, with the understanding that horses do not learn through fear or pain, but rather from using common sense, understanding how horses learn/think and always considering the horse’s point of view.


“When you learn the language of the horse you get to the horse’s mind.  When you work with the horse’s mind you win their hearts.” - Donna Blem



Our farm is designed to give horses a natural environment to thrive while we provide the trusting and reliable care they desire!

With a beautiful 55-acre ranch nestled among majestic oak trees and lush green fields, this place is full of potential for you and your horse!

We over specialized care with both short and long term boarding options. Housing options available to short term boarders. 

People Focused Services


Lifemanship Programs are the ultimate personal and professional development experiences with immediate authentic feedback from the horse.  

Individual  and group programs available! 


“Horses always give us immediate and authentic feedback, this is rare in the human world and few people truly get to receive and understand this type of immediate feedback and self reflection.  This experience sets you up for transformational changes” – Donna Blem

Business Blast

Delivering insights and strategic action to help you and your business evolve! 

Offering phone consultations for those with a specific issue that can get resolved quickly. 

And longer in-depth video call consultations for those with larger challenges. 

Business packages available for more support.

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"We are constantly evolving personally, professionally, as families and as businesses.  It is critical that we take the time to embrace the goodness in our lives, get grounded, deeply connected as well as learn to adjust our life and business path to fit who we have become and where we now see ourselves going."

Donna Blem, Founder of Evolution Horsemanship

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Quality Horseman Equipment offers a product line made with premium materials and superior craftsmanship by our industry's top rope technicians. Our products are meticulously designed to help our customers offer clear communication and the best feel to their horses.

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